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To make leave of WORLD AFRICA TOUR, it is to guarantee the development for your region, locality!

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Major development solution for Africa

The development of Third World countries requires large-scale actions with rigorous monitoring and management. WORLD AFRICA TOUR aims to support these countries in their real quest for development.

  • WORLD AFRICA TOUR is divided into two parts namely the virtual and the physical part.
    Frequency: 2 times a year.
    Duration: 03 months.
    In detail, it is:
    It is 90 days of intense promotion of products and quality service of local companies, agricultural and craft products, investment opportunities, economic and social projects of all sectors, local skills, clubs and football training centers, tourism and hotel potential, the local press ....
    Via different physical and virtual media (web platforms, paper magazines, a call center, web TV). Communication languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Arabic ...
    A team of specialists from different fields of activity will be responsible for monitoring and managing the achievements of each campaign for the benefit of the various participants.

  • WORLD AFRICA TOUR has been designed to meet the needs of decentralized communities, organizations, businesses, business people in Africa and other continents. Opportunities, project financing and business development, seeking partnerships, grants ...
    WORLD AFRICA TOUR gives access to any kind of opportunity, ensures in collaboration with different parties, the follow-up in order to exploit all the opportunities created.
    To join this initiative is to opt resolutely for success and development.

    Exit preconceived patterns that bring only mixed results, well below the expectations of local people. Virtually all states, decentralized communities, companies ... in Africa express the desire to develop but follow strategies from elsewhere, solutions that are not adapted to local needs. WE WANT TO BRING AFRICA TO TRUE DEVELOPMENT BY ABANDONING THE BEATEN PATHS.

    Why join us?

    Starting an adventure like WORLD AFRICA TOUR opens unsuspected doors, fulfilling the deepest aspirations of institutions, organizations, companies, individuals ... from Africa and the underdeveloped countries of other parts of the world. The benefits of participating in WORLD AFRICA TOUR are unlimited.


    Access to a wide range of quality clients, partners, investors from all over the world,

    The opportunity to set up easily in many countries around the world, to export its know-how, to create franchises, local representations,

    Sharing knowledge and experiences

    Direct sales of products to millions of potential customers around the world through our various e-commerce platforms and product catalogs,

    Travel all over the world without much stress.

    The acquisition of real estate in different developed countries for a local commercial or local development policy.

    Targets of WORLD AFRICA TOUR

    Any Institution, Organization, Company, Individual from North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, African Islands .... in search of real development off the beaten track is concerned by WORLD AFRICA TOUR ...


    Institutions, Ministries, Organizations

    Decentralized communities (Regional Councils, Town Halls ...)

    Small, medium and large companies


    Hotels, tourist places

    Small, medium and large companies in any sector

    Skills and talents


    Essential points to remember for any participant at WORLD AFRICA TOUR.


    Answers to 3 frequently asked questions:

    STEP 1: Request for detailed information of the legal or physical person, acquisition of participation fees, collection of data (projects, video ads, product sheets, advertorials, images, video and PDF CVs ...), positioning in the different physical and virtual media. Launch of the campaign on the scheduled date. We organize 2 tours a year but continue to communicate, promote and sell the products, projects, opportunities ... of Africa in a more moderate way the rest of the time.

    After the launch of the campaign, a team composed of operators (call center) specialized in different foreign languages is available to prospects around the world to inform effectively and then refer to who should, customers, partners, investors , tourists ... Things do not stop at the end of a campaign, the physical and virutel communication media remain operational permanently.

    Good question!
    We have put in place a powerful information network called WORLD INFORMATIONs NETWORK (WIN) since the year 2000 that allows us to touch any part of the world whenever we want. In addition to this, WORLD AFRICA NETWORK is the massive purchase of online advertising for all digital media throughout the year and more intense during the campaigns, the large-scale distribution of paper magazines across the country. world, panels, advertorials followed by millions of people previously informed. We also have a team of marketing experts (digital and operational) that have proven themselves internationally. The members are like WIN spread all over the world.
    How to participate?
    Contact us at+225 21 76 73 05 ou +225 0842 0858 ( Whatsapp) or by e-mail: info@worldafricatour.com


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